Friday, January 21, 2011


Winter in Vermont is really something special. 

Snow covered back roads. Ice fishing huts on the rivers and lakes.  Warm breath puffing out into cold air.  Trudging through snow up to your thighs.  Ice skating.  Curling up by a warm fire.  The smell of wood smoke thick in the air.  The brilliant sparkle of hoar frost clinging to the trees.  Snowball fights and sledding.

There are trying moments to be sure, the days when it feels like the shoveling will never stop, or the car simply won't start, slipping on the ice, or getting caught out during a storm...but every season has their own fair share of things that we simply could do without (remember black flies? heat waves? sun burn?). 

Despite the occassional inconvenience, it is always a great reminder that we are stronger than we think we are and gives us the opportunity to make a lot from a little.

(Sidenote: Right now I am loving Winterness.  I'm loving seeing the images and hearing the words of fellow Vermonters who love our state in all her Winter glory just as much as I do.)


  1. I enjoy your blog! I love horses in the winter.

    (found you through winterness :)