Monday, April 11, 2011

Be Back Soon

So it turns out that my Photoshop problem was an indicator of a much bigger issue....our hard drive crashed just minutes after I wrote my last post.  Thankfully everything has been recovered (wedding and honeymoon pictures, stories my grandfather told me before he died, oh's been a lesson for sure!).  However, we will be without our computer for the next week and a half while we wait for the new hard drive to come in.  As soon as we get it back I will be back in this space posting up a storm of all of the things that I will hopefully be able to accomplish without the computer as a distraction! :) 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

25 Things

Over the weekend I was being super productive trying to wrap up the loose ends to the million and one little projects that I've started and somehow not finished.  About half a million of those jobs involve the computer and photos (photo books, ordering prints, projects that require said prints in order to be complete etc.).  So there I was, accomplishing things at an alarming rate when Murphy's Law would have it, my computer shut itself down in the middle of uploading photos to be printed....and since then my photo program has crashed everytime I have tried to open it.  Lovely.

I spent a day installing and reinstalling over and over.  I spent a day searching websites for answers.  I spent a day on the verge of tears.  All three of those days I could feel that my blood pressure had tripled (oh why do I let computers stress me so?).  Then this afternoon I found a solution to my exact problem.  Only, I don't understand how to do I have a desparate email in to my tech guru's at work and hopefully will have the problem rectified within a day or two....until then my photos are locked away and all attempts at tying up loose ends will have to wait.  SO!  Long story short: this will be a photoless post and I thought it the perfect time to do 25 random facts about me because I love seeing them on other blogs. Without further ado:

1. Growing up I hated my middle name
2. Now I love it
3. I used to have a major sweet tooth
4. Now I have a salt tooth
5. Growing up I wanted to be a teacher, author, marine biologist, farmer, dancer, and singer
6. Now I want to be a teacher, author, marine biologist, farmer, florist, chef, genealogist, historian, traveler (*see #7), fabric designer, yarn dyer.
7. I want to be Samantha Brown...only because getting paid to travel would be complete awesomeness.
8. I am a saver of everything...lists, tickets places, stories, notes...
9. It can get out of control sometimes...but not in the hoarding type of way.
10. I picked my husband off the football roster in high school because I liked his stats and he wasn't too short.
11. I'm 5'8"
12. He's 5'10"
13. I'm pretty sure the roster said he was 5'11" 
14. This is not the best dating strategy...I realize how completely lucky I was that I got such a great guy.
15. My very first plane ride was when I was 23
16. My very first plane landing was when I was 25
17. Skydiving was one of the best experiences of my life. 
18. I plan on doing it again for sure
19. You couldn't pay me enough to bungee jump
20. I have read the Little House series more times than I can count.
21. I love Laura Ingalls Wilder.
22. I want chickens and bees badly.
23. My first four chickens are going to be named Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.
24. I don't like any type of carbonation and avoid drinking it at all costs
25. I do however drink maple syrup straight from the bottle.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Sweater for Baby Mariah

I was worried I wouldn't finish this little sweater in time for my cousin's baby shower but I finished with time to spare.  It is the In Threes baby cardigan by Kelly Herdrich and it is such a lovely little pattern that I know I will be making it time and time again.  I chose to do a long sleeved version for this little baby, baby Mariah, and size it up so that it will hopefully fit her this fall and winter, as I figured babies born in mid-May generally don't require much in the way of sweaters right off...then again, this is Vermont, so you never know.  More details on ravelry: here.

The baby shower was yesterday in a church fuction room.  It had beautiful 12 over 12 windows with wavy glass and gorgeous murals on three of the 4 walls of scenes of the village we were in.  We were treated to some early spring snow yesterday, but it didn't dampen spirits in the slightest.  It was a lovely shower for two equally lovely people.