Thursday, June 28, 2012


Summer is here.  Finally and wonderfully.  My days are being spent outside in the garden, with the chickens, in the pool, river, and lake.  My nights are being spent knitting and working on the house.  It's glorious.

Today I'm headed up to see my favorite person in the world, my Great Grandma, and then to the lake.  I hope you too are finding joy in your summer!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


My days lately have been spent playing in the dirt.  In the past few weeks I've planted my onions, carrots, dry beans, green beans, beets, rutabaga and potatoes in addition to the peas, radishes, garlic, horseradish and herbs that I had previously planted.  This weekend I'll be putting in the rest: tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers, basil, spinach, lettuce, sunflowers, melons, and corn....

I've also been adding to my flower bed with kind gifts from family as they split their perennials.  Everything has been thrown in somewhat willy-nilly this year, not knowing beautiful plant I'll be gifted next, but next year I can rearrange as needed.

This afternoon an itty bitty package, about 3 ft x 8 in. arrived at my doorstep. Despite my extreme skepticism inside was:
- 12 Taylor Red Raspberry Bushes
-3 Allen Black Raspberry Bushes
-2 Concord Grapevines
-1 Ivanhoe Blueberry Bush
-2 Jersey Blueberry Bushes
-2 Bluecrop Blueberry Bushes
-1 Chandler Blueberry Bush
-1 Bluegold Blueberry Bush
-25 Earliglow Strawberry Plants

I also have a Peach Tree and Nectarine Tree that need to be planted, some Dahlia's and Glad's that need to get into the ground, and some annual flower seeds to sow (Bachelor Buttons and Sweet Pea).

It's going to be a busy weekend...a *wonderfully* busy weekend.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chickens at (Just Over) 1 Week

 Josephine (Buff Orpington). Still the easiest to pick up, not quite as "peck-y" as she was the first few days...
 Olive (Americauna). By far the most difficult to pick up, seems to be trying for the top of the pecking order, starting to grow the typical Americauna "puffs" on her cheeks.  (And check out that leg pretty)
 Luella (Barred Rock). Still the smallest and super sweet.
 Cora (Welsummer).  Still very sweet.
Ingrid (Silver Laced Wyandotte).  Still healthy and still sweet.

They're wing feathers are almost completely in and they've started sprouting tail feathers.  They have at least doubled in size.  Yesterday I brought them out on the grass for the first time as a complete flock and they were (pun intended) chickens.  They preferred being on me to pecking around on the grass, we'll give it another try soon, but I have to tell you, I was kind of flattered...:) 

See how they've grown since last week...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bar Harbor Fog

I have been feeling like a knitting machine lately, but this is the only project I've managed to take any pictures of yet.  I need to fix that soon!  These were made out of scraps from another project before I started a shawl.  I've found that I like having a quick, little project that only takes a day or two between the bigger, longer projects, it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing more.

I love the simplicity of these booties, but the foot portion looks so wide and deep to me.  I will definitely be trying them again someday, but plan on making a few modifications so they're not quite as deep.  Ravelry details here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Understanding Spring

 I never used to understand spring.  I certainly thought it was nice and relished in those first warm days after a long winter, but I never understood the people who proclaimed it their favorite season.  I don't know if it's come with age or the fact that I now have my own outside space to tend to and do all of the exciting "spring things" with, but this year I can say without a question, I get it.  Spring holds promise and energy and beauty. Spring holds life.  And what a wonderful life it is.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Greening Up

The first Saturday of May was Vermont's Green Up Day, a day to clean up trash from the roadsides and riverbanks before the tall grass of summer makes it more difficult.  This year I chose to green up our little stretch of river.  Hurricane Irene left so much destruction and debris in our little village, neighbors lost their homes and businesses down the river, farm land is covered thick with sand that was saturated with oil and sewage.  It was comforting to remove some of the reminders of that day and to see so many others out doing the same.  I was able to walk only about an eighth of a mile along our side of the river because of the water level, but I managed to pick up 5 trash bags full plus a big heap of things that wouldn't fit into bags.  It was a day well spent. 

As I was picking things up, I wondered, is Green Up Day just a Vermont thing or do other states have something similar?  I'd love to hear what your state does to keep it looking it's best!

p.s. That's one thing off the list.