Monday, August 11, 2014

Family Camp Photo Book

 This was a photo book I never intended to make.  This spring I finally got around to doing something with our wedding photos and decided on a photo book from Kolo, it just so happened that at the same time they were running a promotion for a free 5.5" x 8" photo book with another photo book purchase.  I ended up deciding to make one of our trips to my husband's family camp in Northern Maine and I'm so glad I did, it is one of my favorite memory keeping projects to date.

I used the same template with two pictures a page throughout the album, with the exception of the first page of each trip which acts as a title page of sorts, listing the month and year of the visit.  I also did a full page picture of our family photos on the steps of the camp, a picture we take every year.  I chose not to include every single picture we took on the trips, but chose the ones that I felt told the story of that years trip the best.

I plan to put a label from Paper Source on the inside of the front cover with the name and location of the camp as well as the year it was built.  The great thing about these albums is each year after we go I can just simply print more pages and insert them into my album.  I think this would be a great album for any family trip (or reunions would be very cool...) that is repeated year after year...its so neat to see the growth and change your family goes through year after year.

(This post was in no way sponsored by Kolo and links are not affiliate, just wanted to share a project (and product) that I love.)

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