Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Favorite Fall Board Books

We love, love, love books around here.  On any given day we will read, I would guess, between 15 and 30 board books.  As a general rule, I steer clear of books that have commercial characters (i.e. "Dora," Disney characters etc.) and the book has to grab me with either a wonderful story, wonderful illustrations, or in a perfect world, both.  It is back to school week here in Vermont and so I thought I would share some of our fall favorite board books:

The Busy Little Squirrel: This book follows a squirrel getting ready for the winter.  He passes lots of different types of animals who ask him to do things with them, but he can't because he's "sooo busy!".  At the end, he is snug in his nest in a tree, all ready for winter.  I like the theme of this book as well as the illustrations, and it was one of my sons favorite books last fall.

Leaves:  A great book about the changing of the seasons told through the eyes of a bear in his first autumn.  I love this story and the illustrations are beautiful, my son however is not a fan....yet...

Owl Babies:  This isn't exactly a fall book, but seems to fit in with the others.  Three baby owls wake up to find their owl mother gone, they worry she won't return and then she does, because mama's always come back to their babies.  This is one of our favorite, favorite books, we read it all the time, but especially in the fall when I have to head back to work...

Mouse's First Fall: Mouse and Minka go out to play on a fall day and notice the colors, shapes, and sounds that leaves make.  A good, basic fall book with vibrant illustrations.

The Little Blue Truck:  This book is not a "fall" book but the illustrations are decidedly autumnal.  It's a wonderful, wonderful story and by far one of my sons favorite books of all that we own.  He loves the sound effects and when I bounce him on the "bump, bump, bump" page.  A must have in any board book library.  (We are anxiously awaiting Little Blue Truck's will be at the top of our list this holiday season!)

Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin:  Duck and Goose want a pumpkin and look everywhere for one...everywhere except the pumpkin patch.  Eventually they find one and are thrilled with what great pumpkin finders they are.  A silly, fun book with simple text and bright illustrations.

Autumn:  A wordless picture book with beautiful illustrations of all of the wonderful things you can do in the fall.  We like looking through it and pointing out the things we see in the pictures.  This whole series is wonderful!

This year we are hoping to add: Apples and Pumpkins, Apple Farmer Annie, Apples, Apples!, and Herbst to our collection (we don't have any apple board books, how can this be!?).

Stay tuned at the tail end of September for our favorite Halloween Board Books!

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