Monday, April 11, 2011

Be Back Soon

So it turns out that my Photoshop problem was an indicator of a much bigger issue....our hard drive crashed just minutes after I wrote my last post.  Thankfully everything has been recovered (wedding and honeymoon pictures, stories my grandfather told me before he died, oh's been a lesson for sure!).  However, we will be without our computer for the next week and a half while we wait for the new hard drive to come in.  As soon as we get it back I will be back in this space posting up a storm of all of the things that I will hopefully be able to accomplish without the computer as a distraction! :) 


  1. Hi may already visit this blog...but I thought of you when I saw this site. Lots of things I can imagine you knitting. Enjoy.

  2. Hey Joanne, thanks for thinking of me! I have seen some of his patterns on Ravelry, but have never seen his blog. I love it! :)