Monday, January 17, 2011

Beautiful Nothingness

Yesterday I woke up early, and had a piece of cheesecake for breakfast (I just started working out and trying to eat healthy, so a piece of cheesecake for breakfast was obviously the natural choice!), while reading Persuasion.  It was a dangerous thing to start reading so early in the morning, as I always fall in love with Jane Austens characters and can't put the books down...that was exactly what happened.  When I finished (still in my pj's...ahem), I hadn't satisfied my Austen urge for the day, so I watched Pride and Prejudice while winding yarn for my next two projects (Honey Cowl in a soft gray and Gap-tastic Cowl in natural). Overall, it was a wonderful day and just what I needed.

Today, my mom and I are headed up to visit my great grandmother.  She is quite possibly my favorite person in the world and to get there we have to go through my favorite part of Vermont.  It is going to be another amazing day!

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