Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fresh Air

One of my wishes for 2011 was that I would make it a priority to go on at least one hike a month.  Well here we are with only 3 days left in January, and I still hadn't taken my hike.  So I got it set in my head (mistake number one) that I wanted to go snowshoeing around the pond in our town today and then proceeded to bombard my husband the second he woke up (mistake number two---imagine an excited puppy trying to wake you up from a deep sleep) with my plan for the day.

When I got a lukewarm reply I was crushed (well, maybe not crushed, but you get the idea).  So I sulked and I sulked some more until I finally realized I don't need him to go snowshoeing.  I have a car to get me there.  I have two legs.  I have a cell phone in case something goes horribly wrong.  I have a sense of direction (well, sort of...). 

So, I quickly bundled up and headed out the door solo.

The fresh air.  The exercise.  The quiet creaking of the trees swaying in the wind.  The itty bitty hemlock pine cones on the snow.  The view across the frozen pond.  All of the animal tracks.  The distant drumming of a woodpecker.  It was one of the best things I've done in a long time.