Friday, January 28, 2011

Our Wedding Quilt

Last January I started cutting strips of fabric in our wedding colors, that would become our wedding quilt.  I was determined to make a double wedding ring quilt, even though I had only made two quilts before (a black and white nine-patch and a bold, spring inspired Turning Twenty).  I also had absolutely no experience what-so-ever sewing curves. 

Most of the fabric is stuff that I picked up simply because I liked it and it fit our color scheme of gray, ivory, saturated purples and blues.  However, I saved scraps of my wedding dress when I had fittings, and have swatches from the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, as well as the swatch that my purple shoes were dyed to match and those will be worked into the quilt as well.

I knew I would never be done with it by July for our wedding, so I have been casually working on this quilt on and off throughout the year.  It was great to be so relaxed about it during the wedding planning, but now I'm at the point where I've been working on it for a year and I'm losing steam.  Every time I'm in the mood to sew I end up thinking "Really? This thing still?" and lose inspiration.  I think it's time to push through and really get down to business, so I've given myself a self-imposed deadline: this quilt will be done by our one year anniversary at the end of July. 

If I really plan on finishing it by then I will need to have the top entirely done by the end of April to allow time for the quilting and binding.  Oh boy, I better get sewing...

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