Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To Keep the Vampires Away...

Garlic is a big deal in my family.  We savor the scapes, pickle the cloves, and put it in almost all of our cooking.  We pretty much inhale it.  So not even 24 hours after my garden was tilled this weekend, we got to planting the garlic.  My dad (the unofficial local garlic go-to man) had saved me some of his garlic from this past year to plant and walked me through the steps.  We planted 127 cloves of German White garlic, which next summer should become 127 heads (my dad plants close to 400!!).  His red garlic didn't do as well this year as it has in the past, so we decided against propagating undesirable bulbs, but I plan on ordering some red next year as I like the slightly spicier/stronger flavor.  I'd love suggestions of other types of garlic to try if you have them!

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  1. Love this post! It inspired my dinner tonight (garlic butter sauce for an artichoke - artichokes are my latest pregnancy craving...)