Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Itty Bitty Nest and Eggs

Oh man, what a day its been...I meant to get to this space earlier, but from 3-7 am I was very unsuccessfully bat hunting in our bedroom, then work where I got an email from the hubby that a mouse was casually chilling in our bedroom this morning when he got out of the shower and it was in fact a terrified mouse screech not a bat screech that we were hearing, then this afternoon I went to the hardware store to continue the mouse hunt tonight, this time with the correct tools.  I can only imagine that poor mouse must have been thinking about me coming at him with a pointy stick from a cat toy and a towel at 3am dressed in my rain boots, garden gloves and with my sweatshirt hood scrunched so only my eyes peeped out...I hope we'll have better luck tonight.

Anyways, I found this little abandoned nest over the weekend.  It had two itty bitty blue eggs inside, both broken.  I originally thought it could be a hummingbird because I have never seen a nest or eggs so small and we have a huge hummingbird population at this house, but a google search proved that this nest is FAR too big for a hummingbird and their eggs are white not blue.  So I'm stumped...I'm thinking it is probably a bird around the size of a chickadee, but don't know any that size that lay blue eggs...any ideas?

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