Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Handwork

Last winter or the winter before, I can't remember now, I English Paper Pieced a Dresden Plate.  I loved the portability of the project and it was nice to have another option in the evenings if I didn't feel like knitting or sitting down at the sewing machine. 

This past week I started a new handwork project on a whim after seeing a picture of an antique rhombus quilt in a book.  My plan is to make a quilt of stars/snowflakes, with the stars being a red and white print with red being the predominant color and then the stars will be separated by solid white diamonds.  It will be all handstitched, and in my mind it is also hand quilted...but we'll see what my enthusiasm level is when I get that far. 

So far I've made stars in bed while down with a cold and in front of my parents fireplace with my family while the hubby was away on a business trip.  I brought it with me on the car ride to visit my great grandmother this week, but couldn't tear myself from the gorgeous scenery outside the window long enough to sew a stitch.  Though it is only three stars big so far, I'm loving that it is slowly growing a story of its own.  There is no end date goal, just something to stitch on when the mood strikes throughout the months? years?...but someday, eventually we will wrap ourselves up in a quilt that has our lifes stories tied up in every little stitch.

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