Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cranberry Bog Booties

My knitting tends to ebb and flow with the seasons, but there was some knitting this summer.  It tended to be mostly of the baby variety, not because I have any news to share (not for awhile anyways), but because baby knits are so stinkin' quick and cute and can be made from leftovers in the stash.  I also am a planner by nature and am thinking ahead to the day when there will be a baby on the way and there are 10,000 things I want to make and only time enough to make 5 of them.

So, that brings us to these booties.  They are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen and were whipped up within a matter of a few hours of work spread throughout a week.  I loved the construction of these. While knitting I couldn't figure out how the pattern could come together and possibly make a bootie, but it did and it's brilliant.  My absolute favorite thing about these has to be the color of the yarn, it is beautifully rich and reminds me of cranberry bogs in the fall and my great grandmother's homemade cranberry sauce on the Thanksgiving table. Anything that can be tied up in nostalgia is fabulous in my book.

Ravelry details here.

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  1. so cute! And what a great idea to create a little box of treasures for someday.