Sunday, February 19, 2012

Warmth and Frivolity

--I think I've decided on this years Christmas card design...I had a light bulb moment when I saw this....I'm thinking a Scandinavian snowflake design in white on a red's totally normal to plan your Christmas cards 10 months in advance right?
--I've come to realize that I prefer neutrals/muted colors for decorating our house.  I love bright colors when I see them in other peoples houses, but I've realized that I'm just not comfortable with them in my own...(though I love a few red or yellow accents).
--I've just about had it with the town zoning board.  Getting chickens? Not a problem.  Putting in a small coop?  Looking impossible.  I can't even tell you my frustration level on this one...Everyone's telling me to just check with my neighbors and then put the coop in anyways as long as it doesn't have a foundation and is considered removable....the rule follower in me doesn't like that, but I've been dreaming about having chickens for so long that I might consider it......anyone been in a similar situation in their towns or have any advice?
--I might break my "no-new-yarn-buying-until-the-pretty-serious-threat-of-strike-has-passed" rule for a completely frivolous project that I just found.  I've wanted a pair since I was a little girl.
--I'm currently obsessed with navy and white stripes.
--The kitchen project is in it's final days (thank goodness) with the exception of new lighting and new doors which may have to wait another month or two, but the wallpaper, popcorn ceiling, and painters-tape-blue woodwork and cupboards are long gone and freshly painted walls, ceiling, and cabinets and new hardware are in their places.  It's looking great and so much brighter.
--Sugaring season has officially started in Vermont...a month early this's crazy.  I was hoping to do a little backyard sugaring this year, but the warm weather caught me unprepared and now it's just going to have to wait until next year...I might still stick one tap and bucket on a maple anyways for the fresh sap, a treat in itself.


  1. We live outside of town with lots of land and they still give people hard times over the chickens. If you live in town,you can forget about it!

  2. sorry to hear about the chicken-getting set back.
    round here we are just not allowed to have roosters.
    My chickens (and especially ducks) are very loud and we live downtown so I must have nice neighbors.
    I would do as others have suggested and talk to your neighbors about it as they will be the ones to rat you out. Tell them you will give them some free eggs from time to time. Or make them a bag of compost for their garden with the old coop bedding.
    I'm one to bend the rules as long as no one notices. If I was told to take my coop down, I would sell my house and move.

    1. Thats the direction I'm leaning in...they have absolutely no problem with chickens it's the building of a shed/coop that they're being difficult about...I drove around town last night scoping out other peoples yards and nobody else seems to be paying any attention to the zoning law either...