Friday, August 19, 2011

We Went to the Hoover Dam

We went to the Hoover Dam.  We both love history and had high expectations.  Our expectations were blown out of the water, the staff there is amazing.  We learned lots of new things (Did you know the Dam was named Boulder Dam for years until it was renamed the Hoover Dam!??).  We walked the labyrinth of tunnels inside the dam.  We said "damn dam"...(within reason...). We asked where the door was that Clark Griswold almost fell out of.   We learned that some Hollywood tricks are more humorous/magical when you don't know how they're done.  We went down a tunnel to the exterior of the Dam and looked out.  We straddled the Nevada-Arizona state line.  We took in the beauty of Lake Mead and the Colorado River (that teal!).  We rubbed the angels feet for good luck.

Last stop: Arizona!

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