Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Perfect Storm

(The sky in these pictures were deep steel-y blue storm clouds that were so dark and fluid...I wish I could have photographed them better.  They were gorgeous.)

The long version:  Today was my first day back to work for inservice, the kids come Tuesday.  The beginning of the school year is always a flurry--too many things to do, not enough time.  This year especially, as we are trying to get ready for a weekend away at camp in the North Woods of Maine with my husbands family (a trip over a decade in the making!).  So today we are doing all of the stuff going away for the weekend entails (packing, shopping, cleaning, getting the kitty situated etc.) and we are also gearing up for Hurricane Irene.  I'm not sure the storm will be everything they are saying it will be, but I firmly believe in better safe than sorry, so we'll be heading out to stock up on supplies tonight.  Then the second I'm out of work tomorrow we are off to Maine. 

The short version: I won't be back in this space until early next week (assuming we have power...), I'll be off having adventures. :)


  1. Stay safe Erica and have a great time with your family. We are off for the next week. The perfect end to the summer.

  2. I hope that you and your loved ones remain safe. Enjoy your time in Maine - sounds wonderful! xo