Sunday, August 7, 2011


After our stay in Santorini we headed for three days in Mykonos.  We didn't want to leave Santorini and while we were in Mykonos we wished we hadn't. Truth be told, by this point in the trip we were ready to be home.  We missed we missed our families, Vermont, and American food.  BUT, even if we weren't ready to be home, we didn't feel that Mykonos could hold a candle to Santorini.  Mykonos felt dirtier and unsafe in comparison, had we gone to Mykonos first we might have had a different feeling about it, but overall we weren't nearly as impressed as we were in Athens or Santorini.

Overall, it was the trip of a lifetime and was so much more than we had ever hoped.  We were warned about the chaos and heat of Greece in August, but when we were there it didn't matter, I mean really, we were in GREECE!  Our dream is that we will be able to return in the future, maybe our 25th wedding anniversary or something...there is no way that I will go the rest of my life without going back to that amazing place.

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