Wednesday, September 28, 2011

River Walk

One of the big selling points for me for this house was the fact that it was right on the river.  It is on the outskirts of the village that I grew up in (and my mom grew up in, and my grandfather grew up in...), which I know isn't for everyone, but it makes us incredibly happy.  My grandparents lived right on this very same river for over 50 years.  I spent so many childhood days down there swimming, wading, and exploring. 

And now, I'm back...with my own direct access to one of my favorite places in the world.  As soon as the moving was complete I slid my way down the 40 ft. bank to the river and started exploring.  It's hard to believe, but our river rose 18 feet during Hurricane Irene and was one of the more destructive rivers in the state, it washed away multiple houses and roads.  Our little section of river was littered with flood debris: children's toys, an emergency telephone, clothes, tarps, tons of bricks from someones foundation, and most interestingly, a purse. 

I quickly looked at the tag, not expecting to find anything, but found an intact name and address from a few towns over.  I pulled it out and slipped it in my pocket, then dumped out the sand filled purse, hoping to find something to return to them.  It was empty.  I brought it back to the rivers edge and washed it out as best I could and then brought it back to the house and hung it on the fencepost to dry.  I'm assuming that if the purse was able to wash away, they must have been one of the families that lost everything. I know it's not usable now, but it will be making its way back to it's rightful owner.  Hopefully they will take some comfort in something out there making it's way back to them and in knowing that they (and everyone else in their position) are in the forefront of our minds still, a month after Irene.


  1. Oh. Your find is very moving, Erica. I suspect it will be a comfort to the person, to get it back.

    I love that second image!!

  2. so glad you were able to help in some way. the flooding was terrible and it seems as if everyone has forgotten about it already.