Saturday, July 30, 2011


Top to bottom:
1. The Temple of Zeus (one of my favorite sites, but probably because it was right across the street from our balcony, so we just layed in bed and stared at it all lit up every night...we even had a view from it through two way glass in our shower!)
2. Dog and Accordian in the Plaka
3. Our balcony at The Athens Gate
4. Mount Lycabettus from our balcony
5. This Greek man's posture reminded me so much of my late grandfather, he made me remember and smile.
6. Mount Lycabettus
7. View from Mount Lycabettus
8. Little accordian girl in the shadow of the Acropolis
9. AMAZING Baklava with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce and Chocolate Crepes with chocolate ice cream and chocolate was during this dinner that I commented how strange it was that the waiters didn't come and ask how the food is like they do in America, to which hubby replied "They don't need to ask, they know it's good!".  Very true.

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